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Saxophone Pink Blue was origanally painted on a 16x20 inch canvas with spray paint, and oil based paint pen. The original Saxophone  series started in 2014 and ran through 2016. In 2016 I began to offer this Saxophone print. I've enjoyed meeting so many people who love jazz throught the sale of the Saxophone print. I have no current plans to revisit the Saxophone serise.


When I paint something that stands out as one of my favorite pieces of art, it feels necessary to offer that artwork to a wider audience in the form of a print.


 " I know you'll enjoy this print when it makes your space POP with    color!" -Jason Towne

Saxophone Pink Blue Print 11x14

    • This print is signed by Jason Towne, & includes a certificate of authenticity
    • 11x14 inch prints will fit nicely into a standard size frame
    • Each of these prints will arrive in a clear cover
    • A backer board is slid behind this print to ensure no bending or folding will happen during transport
    • Love Bomb Pink is an open edition print
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